Terms and Conditions

Orders are accepted and promises for delivery given conditionally upon our being able to secure the necessary labour and material, and without responsibility for delays arising through risks and uncertainties of manufacture, strikes, accidents or other causes beyond our control.

  • Any materials returned and accepted by us as defective, may be replaced but in no case are we liable to replace goods manipulated or altered from the state in which they are supplied, nor for any workmanship expended thereon, or consequential damage of any sort.
  • We do not recognise or hold ourselves liable in any way in respect to terms or conditions of any other contract in connection with which the material involved may be concerned.
  • Natural flaws and colour changes in materials supplied will not be accepted by the company as defects, justifying rejection by the customer.
  • The company does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage arising out of any latent defect in the customer’s existing flue or chimney.
  • The company is not responsible nor does it form part of their contract unless specified in writing, for plastering, refitting of skirting boards, decorative work, lifting and refitting of floor coverings and removing connections to and from the electricity and gas supplies.
  • Stone, marble, granite and slate are naturally formed materials and cannot be guaranteed for uniformity in appearance. These natural materials are sold subject to their usual defects and imperfections which range from veining and slight colour variations, to open brecciations, vents, lists and other geological formations caused by climatic conditions over the period in time. Marble and slate is sold subject to natural markings and may be filled, cramped, joined and polished as necessary.
  • No tiles can be guaranteed against crazing.

Customers are advised that all gas appliances be installed by a qualified GAS SAFE engineer and solid fuel installations by a qualified HETAS engineer.

Terms of Payment

Unless otherwise specified, our terms are for an advance deposit of 30% if requested by the seller at the time an order is placed by the buyer. The balance wil be paid in full on collection or delivery of the goods in cash, by building society cheque or by credit/debit card.

Ownership of Goods

At the time of delivery the risk in the goods will pass to the buyer.

Until all sums due to the seller for goods supplied have been paid in full, the property of the goods delivered shall not pass to the buyer.

If the buyer has possession of goods supplied whilst the property therein remains with the seller, the goods are at the risk of the buyer. The buyer shall be responsible for storing such goods safe and secure at no cost to the seller and will be responsible for any loss or damage to the goods while in his possession.