Stovax Futura 5 Woodburning

In light of recent negative media coverage regarding the impact of log burners on the environment and health issues, we would like to address some of the information that has been misleading and provide facts that have been omitted in these reports so that we can restore your confidence in purchasing a log burner.

Since 2022 log burners can only be manufactured that adhere to the ECO2022 certification meaning that they meet and pass the required emissions limit for domestic burning appliances. You can legally install and use these stoves that are Defra approved in Smoke Control Areas using seasoned timber (less than 20% water content). The negative news headlines refer to open fires burning bituminous house coal or log stoves burning wet wood which may cause an increase in pollution.

To avoid any concerns, choose from the wide range of new ECO2022 stoves that are currently available and be assured that you can happily enjoy your new log burner for many years to come. Please visit our showroom if you would like further information or assistance in choosing your new stove where we have a large number on display.

Please see the notification issued by Stovax Heating Group, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of log burners here: