We deal with many enquiries in the showroom and there is often a misconception that gas fires are inefficient and not a particularly good heat source.  However the opposite is true as it is the appliance itself, not the fuel, that determines the efficiency. Open fires, whether they are gas or solid fuel/logs tend to be very inefficient (less than 20%)  due to the heat generated rising up into the chimney instead of out into the room!  Glass fronted appliances are the most efficient fires (up to 89%) and these can include inset, hole in the wall fires or log burner styles and are suitable for both gas and solid fuel.  Although there has been a huge surge in demand for log burners recently a glass fronted gas fire can be just as efficient, give a similar heat output (higher/lower depending on the appliance) and possibly cheaper to run than a wood stove. Please contact the showroom on 0208 466 5910 where we can help you further to make the correct decision based on your individual needs.